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When you need heat pump repair in Paxinos, Pennsylvania, trust the team at LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc..

Your heat pump runs hard to keep your house at the right temperature.

Different from air conditioners, the outdoor system on heat pumps doesn’t get the season off when the temperatures cool down.

Instead, your heat pump functions all year to keep your house cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. That continual effort can culminate in the need for mends.

If that time does occur, LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc. is elated to help. We can work on most any heat pump. We are determined to make your space the right temperature again right away.

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5 Indications Your Heat Pump Should Be Mended

Now that you understand some of the usual causes of heat pump damage, it might be useful to understand how those issues come about. Here are some prevalent signs something is going awry with your heat pump.

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1. Heat Pump Coated in Ice

During the frigid days of winter, it’s likely that your outdoor unit will have a bit of ice accumulation. When this develops, your system should move into a defrost cycle and revert the refrigerant to melt the ice. If your entire unit is layered in ice and will not defrost, you have a problem that demands skilled attention.

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2. Heat Pump is Short Cycling

By short cycling, we mean that your heat pump starts and stops before it’s had a chance to get your space to your preferred temperature. This is a signal that your heat pump is incorrectly sized for your home. If you don’t get it taken care of, it could damage your heat pump.

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3. Energy Fees are Going Up

Your heat pump is one of the most productive heating and cooling solutions available—even if if you maintain it well. If you’re doing everything you can to maintain it and are still seeing your energy costs increase, it’s time to bring in a pro.

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4. Heat Pump is Noisy

Your heat pump is not going to absolutely silent, but it also shouldn’t be noticeably loud. If you’re recognizing new sounds from your unit—in particular any that sound out of place—you ought to have an expert inspect it.

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5. Home Comfort System Seems Weaker

Lower home comfort is likely the most obvious—and annoying—sign you may need a fix. If you’ve tested adjusting your setting and it doesn’t work, LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc. can help.

Common Origins of Heat Pump Troubles

There are a variety of items that can cause trouble for your heat pump. Following are some of the most experienced issues.
  • Lack of upkeep. Like you, your equipment needs to be maintained to remain in good condition. You have an annual checkup. Your equipment has seasonal maintenance. You should bring in an HVAC pro biannually to help your system stay strong. Without maintenance, you’re leaving your unit at risk for a failure.
  • Blocked filter. One of the simplest ways to keep your heat pump working correctly is to frequently examine and change your air filter. If you let it go, your unit has to labor harder to keep your home comfortable. Running overtime like that can bring about damage, and later, a fix.
  • Component failure. Your heat pump is made of a variety of parts—both moving and stationary. They’re all crucial to heating and cooling your space efficiently. When a single component breaks down, it can become hard—or unsustainable—for your heat pump to function without a fix.
  • Thermostat issues. Your thermostat is a sensitive instrument. Any issue with it could make your house less cozy.


Should I Repair or Update My Heat Pump?

When your unit breaks down, it seems only natural to call for a fix. Occasionally, a mend isn’t worth the money. In those times, an updated unit is a better choice. Here are some factors that can help you choose if a mend is a better option:
  • Your heat pump is under 10 years old. If your heat pump is still somewhat young, a repair likely makes sense. It still holds a lot of life left in it. Then again, if your heat pump is getting older, a new model might save you more money.
  • You haven’t mended your heat pump a bunch of times. If a fix on your system is a fairly rare affair, you may want to continue with the update. If you feel like you’ve been repairing your system regularly, it could be time to think about a new unit.
  • The repair you require is low-priced. If an expert can fix of your issue fast and the price is relatively low, a fix is most likely your appropriate choice. However, if your repair will cost you a large amount—like exchanging your heat pump’s compressor—it’s probably better to place that money into a current heat pump that will provide for many years.
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