Heat Pump Installation in Paxinos, Pennsylvania

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When your heat pump stops working, you probably are hopeful you’ll need repair instead of heat pump installation in Paxinos, Pennsylvania.

Regrettably, a mend isn’t always easy—or worth the fiscal responsibility.

LTS Plumbing & Heating Inc. can aid you with HVAC installation if your unit is beyond a fast service call. Reach out to us at 570-648-0748 today for assistance finding an updated unit that fits your finances, energy-efficiency objectives and home comfort desires.


4 Times You’re Due to Install a New Your Heat Pump

Even if you’re certain your heat pump is ready to be replaced, it can be useful to look for ordinary signs to double check. It could be time to get a new system if any of the following are happening with your system.

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1. Your Heat Pump Is Older Than a Decade

While we wish our heating and cooling equipment could last for all eternity, they have a distinct lifetime. The longest life owners most often get from their unit is 15 years.

That’s an admirable target, but sometimes obtainable. If your heat pump breaks down after its 10th date of birth, it’s likely a better financial decision to get a newer unit.

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2. Your Home Comfort Is Going Down

As your unit matures, it has to run harder to manage an equivalent amount of home comfort you’ve always experienced. Over time, your heat pump may lose a portion of that capacity. And if you’ve attempted to mend the situation with other repairs to no avail, it’s likely time to find a replacement.

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3. Your Heat Pump Works All the Time

Unless the climate is unusually cold, your heat pump shouldn’t run continually. Cycles are a vital part of the way that units work. If they’re beginning to become less frequent, you have something wrong with your unit.

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4. Your Electricity Bills are Growing

When you purchased your unit, you presumably looked for an energy-efficient solution. As time passes, your machine might not be strong enough to maintain that efficiency. If you’re noticing your utility costs climbing with no discernible source, it might be time to look for a new system.

Pluses of Getting a New Heat Pump

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Although you might not be excited about finding a substitute, an updated heat pump does have some advantages for your home.
  • Boosted energy efficiency. If it’s exceeded 10 years since you’ve bought a new system, you’re missing out on more energy-efficient options. With SEER ratings now available up to 20 or more, you have more options for an energy-efficient house than in the past.
  • Improved home comfort. With an up-to-date unit, you’ll have the highest achievable home comfort around. Any power your previous system lost over the years will be back—and maybe then some.
  • Increased flexibility with your equipment. Perhaps you received your system from your home’s last owners. Maybe you’re only hoping for an improvement. In any event, getting a new heat pump is a good time to deal with your unit. You can pick a smart thermostat or upgrades, such as an air purifier. It’s all up to you when you buy a new system!

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